Empowering students to become self-directed music learners.

Use MusiQuest to engage your students' passion for music
while meeting multiple state and national standards.

Personalized Music at Roots Elementary

MusiQuest is the smart way to use iPads in music class.
With MusiQuest, you can:


Teach Notation Easily

Start beginners with colorful note blocks, then seamlessly scaffold them through rhythmic and melodic notation.


Empower your students to discover their passion for music through exploration and creation.


Inspire Students to
Love Music

Share Their Music

Play your students' high-quality compositions for parents or concerts, no instruments or complicated hook-ups needed.


Encourage Independent Learning

Make the most of unstructured iPad time and reward students with a fun way to hone their music knowledge.


MusiQuest Reviews

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Ready to boost your students' confidence to compose?

with support from

Let students create with 30+ instruments, learn from our library of 40+ lessons, and explore 10+ genres of music.


Get More Instruments & Lessons

Easier to learn and use than GarageBand, with a dedicated tech team to support you.


Use Technology Seamlessly

We would love to get to know you and your school and discuss how MusiQuest can support your teaching goals. Fill in your information and we'll reach out and say hello!


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“I’ve never done a composition unit like that before. When you try to do it with ink it’s hard especially for the younger kids.” 


--Joe Amato, Head of Music at Shelbyville K-12

“First and foremost I want my kids to feel comfortable being creative.”


--Katie Powell, Music Teacher at Molino Park Elementary

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